Berlin, Amsterdam and London’s best burgers and then some

I’ve been travelling a lot the past months. I went back to Belgium for 3 months from where I travelled to Croatia, Amsterdam, Berlin and London. Aside from the time in Croatia I kept on looking for the best burger and found some really good ones! I have a huge backlog in videos to edit and will try my best to put out 1 to 2 videos per week. They’ll include some travel and random stuff because I’m fully aware that watching yet another burger video can get boring sometime 😀

Placeholders for links:

  • Best burger in Berlin
  • Best burger in Amsterdam
  • Best burger in London

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I’m now back in Sydney and will continue looking for great burgers and try to add some interesting stories in the mix as well.

You can still see the total overview of the world’s best burger (in order) over here.

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