Startcon 2017

Hello! I went to Startcon 2017 on 1 and 2 december. I’ll summarize as best as I can (and won’t mention boring stuff) and list some tips & tricks you might implement today or tomorrow!

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Startcon 2017 – Day 1

How to Operationalize Growth – Joanna Lord, CMO from Classpass

Great start of the day talking about growth processes . Key take away for me was to setup the necessary systems to collect all the data you want. So what data do you want to track to maximise growth? Full funnel views, cohort views, attribution, network effect vs. virality, growth mix and cannabilization and tenure journeys. Are you tracking all that data for your startup?

The Evolution of Medical Cannabis in Australia – Adam Miller from Buddingtech

A nice summary of the current state of the Australian and worldwide Medical Cannabis space. No samples though 😀

Building Magical Marketplaces – Mina Radhakrishnan (ex head of product at Uber)

I didn’t get all the pictures/slides I wanted (I might be able to update this page once the talks are uploaded) but this was a great presentation on marketplaces using Harry Potter lingo and references.

Interesting thought experiment mentioned in the keynote: What’s the difference between a marketplace and a directory? What are your customers looking for? For example: A list of restaurants or a meal? Your app or website should reflect that in the UX.

Fake it til you Make it – Jager McConnell from Crunchbase

One of the funnier talks of the conference. Cracked me up so much I made a tweet about it.

Jager spent 25 minutes rating (and ripping apart!) pitch decks using the following formula for a good pitch:

Some more explanation on these slides (missed the pick your favorite baby one though) – click to enlarge:

Some good ones:

And – funnier – some bad ones:

Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s – the truth behing the hype – Tim Lea from Veredictum

Tim is a fellow Fishburners member so naturally I was keen to listen to his talk! Tim’s talk started off with cryptocurrency basics and finished with the complexities of ICO’s. Interesting stuff!

The Growth mindset – Matt Barrie from

Matt Barrie spent a solid 25 minutes talking about growth. Amazing slide deck and the ‘occasional’ use of irony when talking about Google or Facebook made this one of the more interesting talks of day 1. Funny to see how Google steered the internet into what it is now while trying to maximize the money they’d make out of adwords.

Some examples include the unsubscribe button and the ‘Promotions’ tab in gmail just so marketing emails become less efficient and people spend more money on adwords:

Putting the User Back in UX – Sarah Doody from The UX Notebook

The first talk about UX of the conference (for me) and a great one as well! UX is all about the user and Sarah did a great job explaining it all in layman’s terms. Are you sure you are taking enough steps back when looking at the problem you’re trying to solve? Here are some questions you can ask to improve the UX of the product you’re building:

Building the Foundations of a Thriving Marketplace – Alistair Venn from Menulog

Marketplaces are all the rage in startup world so listening to Alistair – Managing Director of Menulog – talk about the foundations of building one was pretty interesting to say the least. Alistair explained how Menulog tries to improve customer and restaurant value while improving internal efficiency and processes.

Startcon 2017 – Day 2

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Startcon 2017 – Award ceremony

All round good times rooting for my friends with my friends. 

Sadly Alexis didn’t win startup founder of the year…

Fishburners (of which I’m a member) won the award for best co-working space:

Fellow Fisburner members from The Cognitive Company and me stole the award to strike a pose:

After the conference, we all had a blast at the afterparty. Good food & drinks, great company and music! Bonuspoints for the 2m blowup unicorns!

All in all I was really impressed by the quality of the speakers and keynotes and the conference as a whole. If I’m around next year, I’ll definitely go back!

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