Strawberry Fields 2017

On this page I’ll be posting my Strawberry fields related videos etc. I’ll be making and uploading a personal experience / vlog-like video, a doof stickvideo, some random moments (closing of Soichi’s set, closing of the main stage etc).

I also recorded Antal & Hunee’s set (with tracklist) with my phone which I might be uploading and posting here.

Everything will be going online over the coming days and weeks. In the meantime you can subscribe to my youtube channel where the videos will be hosted or subscribe to my mailing list where I’ll send out an email once everything is online or a bit more frequently so you stay up to date.


Soichi Terada – Strawberry Fields 2017 – Main stage

Doof sticks – Strawberry Fields 2017

Antal b2b Hunee – Strawberry Fields 2017 – Main stage


My Strawberry Fields 2017

Strawberry Fields 2017 Timetable

Here’s a timetable I made that was a bit easier to read than the ones Strawberry Fields provided:

On the following timetable I marked in blue the artists I didn’t know before and really enjoyed. Forgot to mark some though, see list below.

Thanks to these artists and DJ’s for pleasantly surprising me:

  • Masego
  • Big susan
  • Merve
  • Mall Grab
  • Francis inferno orchestra
  • Luca lozano
  • Monolink
  • Aurora halal
  • Lovebirds
  • DJ Manchild & Miss Goldie

Resident Advisor’s Review

Collection of other peoples media

!!! THANK YOU !!!

WOW. That’s a wrap folks – thank you all so much for being a part of the most astounding wildlands…

Posted by Strawberry Fields on Monday, November 20, 2017